GLEP is completely linked in with your website. Your website will always show accurate details. It has been designed so that it is impossible for it to show outdated information. As soon as a new course has been added to GLEP, it will immediately be available for enrolments online. As soon as a course becomes full, there is no way for extra enrolments to sneak in.

Your GLEPWeb site is completely within your control. You can design it yourself or use any web designer you wish. The look and feel is entirely within your control. This allows you to hire a web designer you are comfortable with, to integrate your website with GLEP. We of course provide with GLEPWeb, a full set of website templates and documentation to your chosen web designer, to make their job as easy as possible. The documentation explains all aspects of the interface and the templates provide working website code to use those features. Your designer can then just copy and paste the relevant bits of the templates into your site directly. We have worked with a number of web designers now, and would be happy to recommend them to you should you wish.

Courses can be marked as future, on demand or un-enrollable. Discounts can be applied. Students can join waitlists and newsletter mailing lists. The search functionality has been massively enhanced to allow your clients to search based on any words in the title of the course but also to search on the categories and subcategories/locations/suburbs or any keyword you choose to assign to an individual course. You can choose to include or not cancelled courses in the search results. One of our clients has even implemented time of day and day of week searching to enable a student to find all courses in one suburb on Tuesday nights etc.

Your tutors can logon to check on enrolment numbers and make changes to their information and declare availability for future courses. Your students can logon to view their history and change their details with you.

With GLEPWeb your website is your own. You own every aspect of it as it should be.

Some examples of our clients using GLEPWeb are WEA Illawarra and Macarthur Community College