Radar Computers is a computer software programming company which was founded back in 1989. We specialize in the creation of customised applications for businesses of all sizes.

We have a dedicated team of developers with the motivation and desire to write great software, which is above all, user friendly. With an in-house development team, our clients get face-to-face guidance through the software programming process.

Radar's ability to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients comes from our broad range of software development capabilities.

Even if you only have a basic idea about what you want to achieve, we can work with you to cement those ideas and assist you, through creating mock-ups, in seeing the final result before any coding is commenced.

Please email us for more information at support@radarcomputers.com.au


"I have worked side by side with Radar for 25 years developing 4D software solutions for the Film, TV and cultural industries. I know what I want, or think I do and Radar have turned my evolving wish list into a sophisticated, flexible and yet easy to use project management tool. Radar are fast and efficient programmers, easy communicators and understand my big picture. I am happy to recommend Radar to anyone with an idea that needs to be programmed, they will give you honest estimates and deliver on your expectations."

Jane Corden
CEO - MoneyPenny