Its completely FREE to a good home

Have you ever gone on holidays and worried that the timers you put in place, to play the radio or turn on the lights just were not good enough?

When you are at work, are you worried that someone could be breaking in?

What could be better than your computer playing normal household sounds all throughout the day to make it sound like you are at home ALL of the time. Sound Sitter plays normal household sounds like someone is cleaning, cooking, washing, coughing, laughing, snoring, playing, singing, crying, printing, flushing and ringing.

Sound Sitter is the perfect website to help with fooling burglars that you are at home when you are not. Just surf to our website, turn up the volume and then go on holidays for weeks, 'Sound Sitter' will still be playing on your return. It is so quick to set up that you can even start it before you go to work every day.

Sound Sitter contains 100's of unique sounds, that will play in a different sequence every single day. At night time you will hear snoring, babys crying and flushing toilets and during the day the children will be practicising their musical instruments, while the house is being cleaned. Actually strike that, you wont hear it at all as you will be relaxed on a beach somewhere, content in the knowledge that your house has another level of protection.

So every time you leave the house just go to and turn up the volume!