GLEP is an integrated enrolment and finance system specifically designed for Colleges to run the entire business from start to finish. It keeps track of all your students, courses, tutors, rooms, enrolments and finances all in the one spot. Of course it works equally well with using an external financial package such as MYOB. However using the GLEP financial system gives you the added advantage of being able to see exactly how you are going financially on any given day, not just at the end of a month or term.

GLEP and GLEPWeb (our web interface) contains all the functionality you need, to be able to market your products, manage and take payments for your courses, and keep in touch with your clients….and of course we are AVETMISS 7.0 compliant. In fact Colleges which use Glep have been the first to lodge in the last two submission periods in NSW. If you are looking for a painless Avetmiss process – then look no further than GLEP.

GLEP is filled with hundreds and hundreds of reports… many that we can’t even remember them all. All of our reports have been designed by college staff, so there is bound to be one that meets your needs.

GLEP is one of the only products on the market that works equally well on MACs or PCs, indeed you can even have a mix of them in your office.

GLEP has been continually improved over a number of years purely from feedback from our clients. They are the experts in how to run a college and we listen to them. We have a very flexible programming idea at Radar. We are happy to customise the program to make it work anyway you want it to. We are always open to feedback from our clients to decide on the direction of the product.